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Are you looking for the THIS CAN NEVER NOT BE REAL FAQ? It's here.

Want to buy my books from a website which supports authors and independent bookshops? Why thank you, you can do that here.

What books have you written?

Funny you should ask! Click on the word 'Books' in the menu at the top of the page here and it will tell you about all of them. So far I've written THIS CAN NEVER NOT BE REAL, a book for young adults, under my name: Sera Milano (that's also at the top of this webpage) and I've written BOY MEETS HAMSTER and BOY MEETS GHOUL, which are tween romances, as Birdie Milano.

Why do you use two names?

My books are really quite different in tone and age range, and this helps them not be mixed up! Also, I get to feel a little bit like Batman with my secret identity.

Can you help me with my homework?

Unfortunately, probably not. I'm quite busy writing more books, so though I'll try to reply to messages, I can't answer homework type questions. Also, if you've seen my name listed on on of those 'we'll write your essay for you' websites - that's not me, those people are scammers, and the essays they'll send you will be plagiarized and could get you in terrible trouble. Please don't use them.

I do like writing essays and I'll try to post my top essay tips up here when I can.

(I'm making myself sound like  a real wild-child, I know)

Is your book coming out in my country?

I hope so! Unfortunately, this isn't something I can control. If a publisher in your country buys my books, then you'll be able to get them there. If you check Goodreads now and then, you'll be able to see what foreign editions are listed for the book.

Where do you write?

Do you want the truth? Can you handle the truth?

Okay, the truth is I often write in bed (sitting up!), or on my sofa. I work from home on my computer all day, and I have a bit of a wonky back, so I like to be comfy. I call this my soft office. Wordsworth, Proust and Truman Capote also wrote on the sofa or in bed

Do you write every day?

I absolutely do not, but I think about my writing every day. Sometimes stories or scenes need time to percolate in my head before I can get them down on paper. When I'm in the middle of a book, I usually write one to two thousand words per day.

Do you listen to music while you write?

Nope. I love music and I love writing, but one distracts me from the other. I write in silence, unless I'm in a library or coffee shop. But you can see some of the music I listen to between writing on my THIS CAN NEVER NOT BE REAL faq.

What are you writing next?

Wouldn't you like to know? (I would also like to know).

What other things do you enjoy?

I adore the theatre - my parents both worked in it and I taught drama for a while. Writing a play is one of my big ambitions. I also enjoy comics, like Nightwing and Sandman, and would love to be invited to script a comic or graphic novel one day - just putting that out in the universe.

Other than that, I'm a big fan of velvet chairs, novelty chocolates, every single item in Oliver Bonas, all shades of green, and house plants.

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